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What you say is your religion
How you say it’s your religion
Who you love is your religion
How you love is your religion
All your science your religion
All your hatred your religion
All your wars are your religion
Every breath is your religion

Switchfoot, “The World You Want”

The third song on the album is called “When We Come Alive”. And for me this is a song that speaks to the idea that a lot of times we go through life halfway, living halfway lives.  And yet there’s a spark that can grow into a fire that the song’s speaking to. That we are fire when we come alive, burning brightly. And the idea that all it takes is a spark to light that thing up.

Jon Foreman, on “When We Come Alive”


Mumford And Sons | Lover of the Light | Babel

Happy Friday!


I actually can’t watch this video without bawling or listen to this without lots of deep sighs.


Explosions in the Sky | Remember Me As A Time Of Day | How Strange, Innocence

If you were both fortunate and smart enough to catch “Friday Night Lights” while it was on the air, then you know this song. It is played throughout the series, but most notably at the end of the Pilot episode during a speech that is, more or less, a hallmark of the show. It is a beautiful song and so easy to play over and over.

Enjoy friends!

I really enjoy listening to this on quiet evenings, by myself.

Flyleaf | Freedom | New Horizons

What are you listening to right now?

Only a few more minutes to chat with @Skilletmusic!!!

Only a few more minutes to chat with @Skilletmusic!!!

Flyleaf | Red Sam (Acoustic) | Flyleaf


As Flyleaf gear up for the kickoff of their summer co-headlining tour with P.O.D., the band has something special to share with their fans. On July 9, Flyleaf will unleash ‘Who We Are,’ a new EP of live songs recorded during the band’s recent tour with their new singer Kristen May.

The five song release mixes the best of old-school Flyleaf like ‘Sorrow’ from their 2005 self-titled release with new songs like ‘Broken Wings’ from 2012′s ‘New Horizons.’ The EP also features a studio version of the new song ‘Something Better’ with very special guest Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. lending a hand. Flyleaf are teaming up with Loudwire and Noisecreep to premiere the song (listen below).

The band recently commented on their forthcoming EP, sharing their excitement about working with Sandoval on the song. “The live tracks came from our 2013 Winter tour with Drowning Pool. ‘Something Better’ is one of the first songs we wrote with Kristen May. It was an awesome experience writing together! Plus, having Sonny from P.O.D. on this track was really special. We’ve been fans of theirs for years, and it was an honor to do this collaboration. We think y’all will love it!”


To listen to “Something Better” & see Flyleaf’s upcoming tour dates with P.O.D., click here!

Metric | Blindness | Fantasies